Support for traumatised former and serving police – We support Emergency Service personnel.


Support for traumatised former and serving police – We support Emergency Service personnel.

Welcome to PPTSG

The PPTSG is a not-for-profit organisation which predominantly supports and assists serving and former police officers and their families. Its aim is to provide support and referrals to those who are suffering from PTSI (which was formally known as PTSD), anxiety, depression and addictions, as well as to alleviate the isolation and stigma which is generally associated when diagnosed with these conditions. The PPTSG is supported in its work by the NSWPF, health professionals, various counselling services and support networks.

In addition to providing telephone, email, and face to face support to serving and former police officers and their immediate families, PPTSG also support first responders who commit to work in Fire and Ambulance.

Although the PPTSG is based in New South Wales, it receives calls for assistance both nationally and internationally, partly due to one of its founding members, Esther McKay (former NSW Police Force). Esther is a well-known author, due to the worldwide publication of her book ‘Crime Scene’, which highlights the stressors and trauma associated with police work; as well as her second book ‘Forensic Investigator’ which outlines the difficulty faced by Police working in regional NSW.  After speaking out about this hidden epidemic, Esther became the face of PTSI in 2005 which led her to becoming an advocate for positive change for those who commit to first responder roles.  Esther receives calls for support through her widely known networks as well as through her website.  Assistance is then facilitated through the committee of the PPTSG.

How You Can Help Us!

In addition to providing support for current and former police officers as well as emergency workers, PPTSG has a family and spouse support function. To do this, we need your help. We are a not-for-profit organisation, we rely completely on our community’s kindness, and we are extremely thankful for every cent. To help support PPTSG or find out more information, please contact us.

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